„Painter“ – Paul McCarthy

„Painter“, 1995
Paul McCarthy, * 1945 – 2012

„In Painter, McCarthy, decked out in a blonde wig, a bulbous drinker’s nose, and giant latex hands, staggers around a small, wood-paneled studio with an immense paint brush, yammering things like, „I can’t do it, I can’t do it,“ and, „DeKooning, DeKooning, DeKooning.“ He punctures the sides of gigantesque tubes of paint (one is labeled „Shit“), mixes the paint, then slashes and hacks big crude Expressionist swaths onto canvases with crazy electric blue and orange grounds. During the course of the video, he meanders between adjoining rooms ranting against his dealer, sitting in on an absurd conversation with pretentious, bulbous-nosed scholars, has a sycophantic collector sniff his asshole, and chops off his own fingers with a cleaver. Painter is a hilarious satire of inflated Abstract Expressionists and the art world in general, but it is not only that. When McCarthy obsessively mixes his gallons of shit-brown paint, loads up his brush, and, grunting and waving, goes to his canvas, he is pointing towards something important: that paint is the same as shit and dirt — just unruly filth that flows and stains. That finally, the hopeless drive to make art is drunken, humiliated, violent, sexual and infantile, perhaps tragic as well. (Brooklyn Rai)“

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"Painter" - Paul McCarthy

„Paul McCarthy studierte ab 1969 Kunst an der University of Utah (The U) und danach am San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI), wo er einen Abschluss als Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Malerei machte. 1972 studierte er Film, Video und Kunst an der UCLA, u.a. mit Jason Rhoades und machte dort seinen Master of Fine Arts (MFA). Von 1982 bis 2002 lehrte er Performance, Video, Installationen und Geschichte der Kunstperformances an der University of California, Los Angeles. Paul McCarthy lebt und arbeitet in Altadena, Kalifornien.
McCarthy begann seine Karriere mit Aktionen, in denen die Schwerkraft als metaphorisches Vehikel benutzt wurde. Das Werk umfasst Zeichnungen, Skulpturen, Aktionen und Performances, Performance-Videos, Filme, Installationen.
Ab 1974 wurden seine Arbeiten aggressiver und sexuell provokativer: Die Performances thematisieren Brutalität und Selbstzerstörung.
In den 1980er und 1990er Jahren sind die Performances (im damals internationalen Trend) von ironischer Distanz geprägt, beispielsweise „Painter”.“